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    Creative Map Projects

    This is where I share my Fortnite creative maps. Clicking on the codes brings you to the respective map page, where you can log in to your Fortnite/Epic Games account and add it to your favourites.

    If you want to support me:

    Four-tissimo (Connect Four) 8005-0790-3040 Play Connect Four against another player. Four pieces in a line to win, pickaxe a column to place piece.
    Mountain Lake 9515-7603-8251 Scenic map. Has three different time-of-day buttons.
    Shonen Arena 7033-5313-8308 Free-for-all. Fight it out in a destructable arena until last man standing.
    Endless Boxfights (Water) 6892-2544-0380 Free-for-all. Choose weapons before hopping into an enclosed arena. Water will steadily rise, and builds/water-level reset after 10 minutes.
    Dairy Castle Gungame 7335-2360-8917 Castle-themed gungame. 100 kills to win.
    Le Parkour du Dairy 6450-7642-7568 Parkour run map. Has fall damage.
    Simple Zone Wars 0115-4004-5006 Moving zone which pushes players down a mountain.
    Simple Zone Wars (solos) 8798-3400-3150 Simple Zone Wars (no teams).
    Simple Zone Wars + Boxfights 9277-1753-6179 Simple Zone Wars, with boxfights interspersed. Teams are shuffled every round.
    Dairy Zone Wars 8677-2324-5137 Zone Wars map set in an amalgamation of old-school Fortnite areas. Emote randomizes loadout at start.
    Rebirth Zone Wars 5398-5267-3143 Players respawn upon dying -- and respawning is disabled on the fifth circle. Enemy nametags are visible to encourage action, and it features a buildfight gulag for the last two players standing.
    1v1 Boxfight Arenas 0920-6322-4146 Two players emote to fight in a 2x2 glass box.
    1^4 Dairy's Buildfights 0499-9424-9614 Players emote to compete in a buildfight arena. Spectators can toss items, including rusty cans.
    Arctic Buildfights 2611-8206-2807 3-minute rounds. Randomized loadouts as players fight in an icebox free-for-all.
    Dairy's Build Fights 420 • TTV • 69 0322-9636-8938 A scant recreation of a 1v1 build fight.
    Dairy Carton Boxfights 5362-8720-6129 Simple boxfights.
    Dairy Team Boxfights 1205-9448-1803 2-team boxfights.
    Season 3 Nostalgia (Deathmatch) 6682-1990-3293 Deathmatch that resembles Fortnite in its early days.
    Castle Mayhem (Gungame) 1552-8141-2934 Gungame with weapons of progressing difficulty. 40 kills to win.
    Ice Rink Trickshots 2744-8155-5935 Pull off trickshots with hunting rifles, bouncers and low gravity.
    Dairy Deathmatch! 8776-1021-2616 Sandbox with all weapons and items. You can switch teams mid-match.
    Bow & Scythe Deathmatch! 2597-4049-3963 Fast-paced fighting with bows and the Sideways Scythe.
    Close-range Practice 8047-6477-2409 Close-range boxfight deathmatch in an enclosed area.
    Scary Dairy 9851-3885-0382 Band together to fend off the Scary Dairy living in the castle.
    Scarface (one vs. All) 5681-9822-5699 Recreates the ending of Scarface (1983), with one player as Tony Montana (high on candy) and everyone else as the mooks trying to take him down.