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  • I haven't fully levelled this weapon up yet, but this SMG tends to be heavily overlooked by its more popular cousins; probably because the ground loot version of this gun which people pick up is not goodly. What you'll get out of this build is dependable damage of up to about 15 meters, along with strong ADS movement and enhanced sprinting speed for pushes. The recoil is minute, and the headshot bonus is insane -- more damage than even the Cooper Carbine(!), so leverage this well with a steady aim.

    The downsides of using this gun is the relatively low magazine count (36 bullets per clip), and moreso, the barrel + stock attachments lead to a sprint-to-fire rate of 252ms (the Welgun has 200ms and Cooper Carbine is 300ms). In other words, you can be aggressive with this gun, but you should have a good sense of where to expect the enemy to be, as the sprint-to-fire time can screw you over if you get caught running with your pants down.

    Warzone Weapon calculator is used for the comparisons below:

    Chest shot time-to-kill (lower is better)

    Headshot time-to-kill (lower is better)